It’s not English! Definitely not English!

In the Digital World, English is not the reigning language.

JavaScript is! 👑👑

Even though it is written in English, the very same magic which JavaScript does with the same 26 alphabets is purely enchanting! 🎇

Enquire the tech giants who are hypnotized by JavaScript’s magical charms.🤩

In the shifting world, even in the ever-changing tech world, in the current era, everyone would accept that the most two popular frameworks which fight to be the center gemstone of the crown called JavaScript are React.js and Vue.js. 💎

Being popular, highly valued, and widely used, the two frameworks too are filled with their own shares of pros and cons and respond differently to the widely different business needs.

Still, the dais is theirs and in the heavy competition prevailing among them, React.js seems to have won without much of a fight! 😯

What makes them so special? Why are they so popular?

In the race to win the hearts of the developers by being a reliable platform to serve all the front-end apps, who will be winning the throne this time?🤔

#Reference & Background🧐

Where you come from and who refers you plays a major role in the tech world too! 😴

React.js, created by Jordan Walke, is being more popular in the market, since its release in 2013, not only because it’s worthy but also because of the background it holds within! Not only because React.js is super easy to build interactive UIs but also because it was created and maintained by Facebook, for targeting the specific needs of Facebook!!! #What more to say?!🤷‍♂️

Vue.js, not to misunderstand, please. 🤯Famous rulers do have few downsides against the new hotness in the town! Vue, released in 2014, was developed by Evan You, a former Google employee and Google’s Angular Team member.

With the strong background support and Facebook giving the face, React has got a significant lead in the battle.⛷


React.js is growing at the rate of 2.46% per month.

Vue.js is growing at the rate of 3.34% per month. #Newbie rules!👶

#Similarities 🧐

  • The main focus for React.js and Vue.js is in the core library.
  • They both handle routing and global state management through companion libraries.
  • React.js and Vue.js are based on virtual DOM.
  • React.js and Vue.js both have component-based structures.
  • React.js and Vue.js are both exceptionally fast.

#Right…there’s no use in just stating the points. 😣Shall we….do in-depth research and compare their performance and see when, why and who is considered as the “Best Friend” for developers in the tech world!😕

  • Building Tools⚙

React has got a third-party CLI tool called CRA (Create React App) while Vue has got an official Vue-CLI.

  • Both are comfortable for developers to develop an app.
  • Both are Flexible.
  • Both help in providing a smooth and better app developing environment.

Both are good in terms of providing tools for app development! ⚓

Cross-platform Mobile App Development📱

  • React’s React Native is well experienced and has got more experience, making it a matured platform. #No wonder as a greater number of apps will be designed using React while you are reading this!🤩
  • Vue’s Weex is still….a growing kid! There’s also Quasar!  #Evolving hard and with confidence to create apps for iOS and Android!🔥


  • Two words – Easy Learning, Detailed & Well-written documentation. Vue.js💪


  • React focuses on UI, it doesn’t offer advanced features like state management.
  • Vue provides everything, both the fundamentals and also advanced. Vue has got Vuex for State Management, Vue Server-side Renderer for server side rendering, Vue Router for App URL Management.

Code Style📝

  • React was definitely the first to introduce concept-based functional programming that helps in easing UI developing process, but, Vue’s is more intuitive, simpler, and broader than React’s!

Single File Components🎲

  • React’s Single File Components are written as a JavaScript module and have their own specific way of writing.
  • In Vue, it is divided into 3 parts viz.,   <template>, <script> and <style>, making Vue easily customizable and also makes transition feel natural for the developers.
  • Styling in Vue is very flexible.


Rerendering of Vue is the only little magic potion that makes it a generally and extensively accepted framework by the developers!

Developers Community Support😍😎

  • In the latest surveys, 40% of the respondents say they feel comfortable with React while only 17% are comfortable with Vue.

Looks like a tough game for Vue but…

  • You know what, than those who want to learn React, twice the same number of developers are interested in learning Vue!

Yes!!! Looks like Vue has got a bright future than React! 🤗

Popularity 😎

  • GitHub’s ranking listed Vue.js first as the trendiest project for the year 2017 while React.js ranked only second.

Learning Curve👩‍💻

  • With React ideal for both web development and native, it makes it more complex and so the developers have to do a lot of learning and practice to get comfortable.
  • Vue…. An easy learning curve, as everything in Vue is HTML-based templates, making it much simpler to learn and use!


  • React’s reusability is only for CSS while Vue supports maximum reusability.

Even though React is the highly demanded skill and is super popular, and the most successfully enjoying leader of the past and today, Vue seems to have silently approached the podium, with fresh, simple and comfortable frameworks!🤞

With Vue, web apps are being built faster today!💪

With Vue, developing is fun and easy!🤸‍♂️

There are more good vibes around Vue, working hard and silently to make sure Vue gets to decorate the throne of JavaScript as the brightly shining center gemstone!💎👑


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