Indeed, Everything about Flutter stands out as it keeps on helping in making the lives of the developers much easier every time.

Google’s Flutter with updated Toolkit to support Windows App!

Flutter, from day 1 has been the “pet-framework” for the app developers and has never ceased to amaze the developers with its skills and kit set. 

Though many open source app development frameworks are available in the market, Flutter has been crowned with a special place, in the heart of the developers for many reasons like : 

  • Launch of Flutter itself was a powerful intro, focusing on mobile apps, but on both iOS and Android platforms!
  • Flutter made it possible: A cross-platform framework
  • Referring to multiple platforms, Flutter did not restrict to just iOS and Android but also included macOS, the web, and Linux.
  • Sharing a single codebase for multiple platforms, a HUGE advantage for app developers. 
  • Flutter, from Google, introduced the trend of “unified application”. 

With the unimaginable growth in app usage and development,  the advancement of flutter made it easy for developers to develop apps for different platforms. If your target is the mobile, web, and desktop apps, no wonder, “Flutter” is all developers could think of. “Write once, run anywhere”.


With flutter making it easy for all sorts of app development for different platforms, there was one area so far left untouched by Flutter. And, being the supreme, both Flutter and Google never gave us much time to even complain. 

With a massive reach when it comes to developing new apps, Flutter has added one more to its tool kit or…should we say, added one more gem to its crown. 

Flutter for Windows apps!

The new avatar of Flutter is now available in alpha iterations making it a dream come true for the developers who are designing apps for both desktop and mobile phones, with different screen sizes. 

With Flutter extending its support to Windows, developers can develop apps for 6 different platforms by writing code just once. And with the 6th being Windows, it also means different devices, in a wider range as Windows is the world’s leading desktop OS! With adding windows as the ‘Biggest’ gem in their crown, Flutter has indeed become the only framework available to support most cross-platform frameworks. 

Why Flutter’s idea of expanding its toolkit to support windows means a lot to developers? 

When it comes to developing apps for desktop and smartphones, there’s a lot more into it than what we see as coding. When t comes to coding, developers have to focus considering :

  • Screen Size variation in smartphones and Desktop.
  • Platform Factors:  Touch & Swipe in Smartphones. Keyboards & Mouse in Desktops and Laptops.
  • In addition to “what” to build” and “how to build”, the difference in devices make the developers think about “For which device to build”.
  • Flutter is to support windows7 devices and above as of now, making Flutter ultimately the most common framework, easy to use for all platforms.
  • All those Flutter-based apps available can now be easily used for Windows. 

How to get started with Flutter for Windows?

If you would like to know how to install Flutter’s tools to your Windows?  

Google, like always, has got you covered! 

 Happy Developers…Happy Coding!

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