Zace: The best Project Management App and why you should use it?

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Zace app Zace, the best Project Planner, and Project and Task Management app, designed professionally by Ascent24 Technologies, for a comprehensive, simple, and smart project and management, is the smartest way for project managers, team leaders, and project handlers to manage complex projects simple and easier, in their mobile. Zace app is more than project management and scheduling. Zace app support users to create a new Gantt Chart for their project planning and scheduling, as per their requirement! New to Zace? Download for free from Google Play!

Zace : Perfect solution for Project and Task Management challenges!

The most intuitive and customizable project management and Gantt chart maker app, Zace, supports in simplifying works and making use of the saved time to celebrate success and teamwork!
why Zace?

Gantt Chart

Simple and Colorful visual representation of your complex projects with multiple tasks and dependencies. Schedule, manage, and monitor projects and tasks, in its simplest form. Simplest illustration to assist in knowing what has to be done, how it has to be done, what’s currently being done, what ‘s pending, and what needs to be done to solve issues.

Visual Platform

Zace is  the best and foremost visual platform for you, your team, and clients to know about the status and progress of the project and tasks related. For projects of all sizes, and any industry, Zace is a proven effective project planning and project management tool with colorful and easy-to-grasp visual representation of tasks, deadlines, timeline, issues, and status. Zace’s simple yet powerful visualization provides users to easily take necessary measures, see updates and notifications.

Project Planning – Never easier before!

With a wide range of tools, the ease of use and learning with Zace is at a different level! Even if you are new to Gantt chart or any project planning apps, you can confidently skip demo videos and start using Zace! The tools, from the start to end of the app are designed to ease your first steps into Zace and project planning. Zace’s easy-to-use and easy-to-understand interface saves time and efforts and takes less than few minutes to start and develop a well-strategized advanced project planning with super-easier steps to add tasks, sub-tasks and assign team members aptly, and above all, track and manage the entire project from any part of the world!

Project Management

Zace is the exact interface you have been searching for, to provide you the best platform to schedule projects, track tasks, calculate budget, and check on dependencies. Zace’s full spectrum of features support in easy-managing of any number of complex projects, at a time, from anywhere, at any time, via app.

Remote Work

Bring out the teamwork, with Zace, even if you are apart! With Zace app, managing a project from any place is easy and smooth. Now, you can collaborate with your team, communicate, and add inputs to your projects, or assign an immediate task to a team member wherever you are. With Zace, irrespective of your location,:
  • Stay updated.
  • Stay informed.
  • Stay connected.
  • Get real-time updates.
  • Make smarter decisions.
  • Act and respond to actions quicker.
Zace projects

Task Management

Schedule, overlook, guide, and manage complex tasks of a project, via app, in simple and smart way. Designed exclusively for both team and single users, Zace is the fastest way for people related to the project to review, stay on track, and get connected with the team, clients, and tasks related to projects. With Zace, irrespective of number of tasks and the complexity of the tasks:
  • Planning and collaborating is simple.
  • Progress tracking is easier.
  • Communicate real-time.
  • Stay on budget.
  • Timely task completion.

Time Management

The faster you take your steps, the quicker you are finishing your projects successfully. Zace helps you in taking right steps at the right time to ensure a successful outcome of the project. With Zace, developing a well-detailed project planner, that too, in Gantt chart, takes less than 3 mins! What better way to save time? Moreover, keeping clients, all the team members, and management in one loop, Zace, saves a lot of time in sharing data, information, reviews, to collaborate, and stay on track. Zace ensures a timely project delivery!

Effective Collaboration

Increase in team’s productivity, is what every team and organization hopes for. An effective team collaboration with transparent communication is must in a successful completion of a project. With Zace’s Gantt chart, the team will know where they are struck and what comes next. This also supports in what has to be done and to speed up the process. An effective real-time collaboration with your team through Zace supports in effective and quicker project submission. Getting aligned with process, progress, team, and issues, on the right time ensures team collaboration and in turn increase team’s level of productivity.

Smart Work

Save time with smart working in simplifying planning, scheduling, tracking, and managing of project of any size! Save more work hours and increase your project completion rate, with Zace and Gantt chart. As Gantt chart shows the top-line perspective of a project, with Zace, working smart gets you success! Easier representation of tasks, sub-tasks, milestones, deadlines, and issues helps the project leader or team leader, and the team members to work smart, leisurely! Gantt Chart is the modern and smart way of managing complex projects and multiple teams easier and simpler. Be it for a team or for a single person lined with more works, Zace helps in managing all of them, smarter and easier.

Resource Management

Resource Planning and resource management is one aspect a project and team efficiency is calculated. A proper resource planning structure will ensure a perfect resource management, resulting in maximized resource utilization and team perfection in performance. A well-planned resource management using Zace ensures you to handle a project with necessary resources, be it, people, finance, equipment, or time. Knowing what is the requirement of a project helps in an effective project planning, bit more economical. An effective Resource Management using Zace supports in:
  • Effective project planning.
  • Avoid unexpected bottlenecks.
  • Prevents overloading of resources.
  • Well-documented details of resources.
  • Economical and efficient supply and demand management.
  • Smart resource allocation.
  • Perfect performance monitoring and collaboration.
  • Track and manage team’s production capacity.
  • Strategic resource planning and management for all industries : Team member’s performance and capacity.
  • Clear identification and categorization of what’s the demand, what’s procured, how it’s being used, and where we lack.
  • A detailed resource management encompasses a project manager or team manager to allocate the team member to tasks, as per their qualification and capacity, ensuring effective performance and interdependency among tasks and resources.

Budget Tracking

With effective resource management comes effective and economical budgeting for projects. With Zace app, outlining the expected expense, real-time expense, and profit of a project is easier and stress-free. With Zace’s support, creating a budget, identifying the required expenses, and regular input of recurring expenses and costs, everyone and even the clients can track the real-time expenses done.


Simplified planning, approved layout of tasks, timeline, and budget, communicating strategies, continuous monitoring and tracking of project and task completion, instant resolving of issues, a transparent approach of project and transparent sharing of workload, with Zace app, from client to the last member of the team, everyone is provided a better detail of the project. What better way to approach a project and handle it stress-free and in a friendly way, and help team members work stress-free!? Zace supports in simplified project management and team handling. With Zace, improve your leadership skills tremendously!

Final Word:

There’s lot more to discuss about Zace and why you should be using it for your project planning and project management works. To keep it short and detailed, the one word I wish to convey about Zace is :

“Zace is that one trusted well-designed platform for your project management!”

Zace, project planner and project management app is indeed a people’s app, that helps project handling people to get an advanced overview of the project, finish the project in a smart manner, with limited amount of time and make them successful! A happy client with results is always assured with Zace’s Project Planner and Project Management App support.
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