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Mobile App!

I wonder, how many of you are reading this article from your smartphone.

The reach of smartphones and apps cannot be better explained than this!

Just imagine! You aren’t feeling sleepy around 2:30 AM. All you think would be to take your smartphone and browse! At least check time! There’s no way you are going to take your laptop.

2:30 AM is not the time for physical stores to be open “just” for window-shopping. But apps help!  #convenience

Yep. Have done that!

Who knows… Sometimes, window-shopping could end in purchase, too! #convenience #secured payment #speed

Yep! Have done that too! #not guilty

A customer, window-shopping at 2:30 AM, ended up purchasing at 2:45 AM! Now…who made it possible?!?

mobile app

All thanks to mobile apps!

What more reason can I give to say why your ecommerce business or physical store is going to need a mobile app??

Forget about booking a flight or watching Live broadcast of their favorite group’s concert happening in Seoul, via their smartphones, people these days order for their refreshing Dalgona coffee or delicious Chicken Biryani through their smartphones. Even though the shop is round the corner.#ecommerceapp

Smartphones made it a lot easier to surf and make instant purchases.

Smartphones have indeed outlasted PCs and laptops not just from physical stores and restaurants but also from the world of online stores!

With increase in the usage of smartphones and the entry of App Store and Google Play Store, eCommerce has moved from websites to apps.

There’s no doubt, the world has learned fast and is already depending more on mobile apps for purchases, money transactions and games.

Pandemic has made people shift towards online purchases.

eCommerce is blooming, all thanks to m-commerce!

Let’s see why you should consider creating an app for your business.

Why do you need a mobile app for your business?

1. 53 % of smartphone users buy from company-specific apps.

So… Have you ever asked yourself, whether the best version of your product is available in Amazon, at a cheaper price?? Have you checked?

A similar product like yours but with more reviews and star ratings, from a different brand! Even legends Sony and Apple are selling on Amazon!

Indeed, the competitor circle has expanded with the entry and rapid growth of eCommerce!

Irrespective of the type of business you do, B2B, B2C, C2C or even C2B, with pandemic and lockdown and work from home, mobile ecommerce apps are taking over the world and for a very good reason!

With lockdown, shoppers are more into mobile apps and purchasing. Having an own company-specific app provides great benefits:

  • Your BEST Brand Ambassador! User satisfying UI/UX enhanced mobile apps, with easy navigation will boost customer loyalty.  
  • Client retention: When clients download your app, it indeed is a sign for frequent buying from you. More purchase equals brand recognition and in turn, loyalty!
  • Mobile apps are available and open 24×7, making your business customer-friendly. Better Shopping experience!
  • Compared to mobile browsers, apps are proactive, and they retrieve the required data in less time. Also, for someone like me who’s already having trouble remembering passwords, apps help to not worry about forgetting URLs!
  •  Via app, you are providing a personalized shopping experience.

PS: Reports say, 78 % of consumers prefer to use an app than a mobile website for online purchase. That’s right… 78%

2.   60% of users open a push notification, compared to just 20% of emails!

How different are your products?

How unique are your business promotions?

Marketing indeed is one of the biggest headaches for every company, in this competitive world. Especially when you look for strategies to increase sales with spending less for marketing.

Well, the statistics on push notifications is a loud reply to your cry!

Having a mobile app for your eCommerce store or even for your local supermarket could indeed help you run business with:

  • Wider exposure
  •  Increase sales with less expense.
  •  Gain competitive advantage.
  • It’s going to be additional income and nothing less.
  • Push notifications are an easy way to keep your customers informed about your sales, restock and deals.

PS: Reports say that average order value in apps is 140%, and that’s 130% higher than on mobile sites and desktop sites.

Result, increased conversion rates, reinforced client base… strengthening business in the cheapest digital way possible!

3. A picture is worth a thousand words!

According to Statista, the total mobile based e-commerce sales was 2.3 Trillion USD in 2019 compared to the 1.8 Trillion USD in 2018. Not to ignore, but it’s estimated to be around 3.56 Trillion USD in 2021! (Why do I feel like it sounds less??)

Also, according to Statista, around 1.56 billion smartphones were sold globally in 2018 but, in 2020, it’s only August and even with lockdown, more than 1.56 billion smartphones were already sold worldwide.

 You know, it’s never too late to walk towards dreams and success!

So, targeting your primary concern now.

“How to own an effective and easy-to-use Mobile App for my business?”

Every app is an idea!

Your idea for an app, just like your business, is yet another dream worth to give life and breath in reality, successfully!

Taking an idea to reality involves more strategies, steps, and concepts, both in the front-end and in the back-end.

Turing your app into a successful business venture involves more than all those above-mentioned.

agile methodology - app development

Building an App

Steps to build an app involves a detailed Agile methodology, to adapt to changes and real-time needs.

  1. Plan – Plan in detail about the app. What is it for? What is the required reach? Who is the target user? What areas it should cover? What are the list of features and tools?, and more.
  2. Design – The design of the app helps both the developer and the entrepreneur to get a detailed look on how the app is. That way, the client can request for more tools or features, and also, the developer can get s detailed idea on how the client needs the app and can include advanced tech features that could make the app stand out as the BEST!
  3. Develop – On the approval and final confirmation from the client, the developer begins to develop the app. The developing stage is the longest phase of app development as it involves instant ideas, creative solutions to solve users’ wide range of issues and above all, meet all the requirements requested by the client.
  4. Test – Testing the developed app helps in taking care of real-time issues and errors, beforehand. This helps in identifying the missing issues, the gaps in the app flow, and even at times, help in adding new feature to ease the use of app.
  5. Deploy – In this stage, the fully developed app is added to the App store and tested in-house both by the developer and the client. This facilitates the app developer in providing the best app platform for both, the user and the client.
  6. Review – The client review on the app’s performance, and lets the developer know whether the requirement has been met or not. This helps in developing the app further, to satisfy the client, and in turn, the user.
  7. Launch – On the client’s approval, the app is launched for users’ purpose, in app store, in real-time.

Steps to own an effective mobile app

To own a cost-effective, simple-to-use, smart working, and advanced mobile app for your business, it involves more than money and strategy.

  1. Get a clear business strategy on why you need the app and how you need it, to take your business to the next level.
  2. Hire mobile app developers.
  3. Discuss with developers on features, technology, budget and finalize the plan to develop a successful app.
  4. Developers initiate the process of app development.
  5. After multiple testing and reviews, deploy the app for real-time use.
  6. Market about the app, so it could have a better reach and the platform will also be more responsive and successful.
  7. With the app successfully running in real-time, make sure to stay in touch with the app’s maintenance, reports, and updates, to scale up the app as per the requirement and advancement in technology.


There’s a lot more steps and details involved in app developing, if you look deeper. The right idea taken to the right set of people with the right strategies result in a successful and effective app for any business. And there’s a lot more strategy, resource and planning needed to convert this idea into a successful business platform to develop your business and enhance it.

At Asscent24 Technologies, we are developing and deploying an all-satisfying app for our clients from various industries and businesses of all sizes. Our satisfied clients have always trusted us with their ideas and strategies to enhance their business.

We guide our trusted clients to convert their ideas into a successful platform of success, with our constant input of idea, technology advancement, and wide rage of features set. Our advanced expertise in technology and mobile app platform has always assured our clients to stay hassle-free and stress-free, with the final output.

We, at Ascent24 Technologies, propose a successful execution of your digital platform.

Have a Mobile App Project for Us?

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